Working on characters..

On Pictoplasma festival 2014 that takes place in Berlin April 30 - May 4, we who participated in Pictoplasma Academy will have an exhibition together. Our show/ exhibition will be in one of the galleries of Pictoplasmas famous Character Walk

From their web site ( :

"...a venturesome CHARACTER WALK invites to over 20 galleries and showrooms throughout the districts of Berlin Mitte and Neukölln. Join the stampede from April 30 - May 4, and expose yourself to work by many of the participating conference speakers and international artists, featuring originals, installations, sculptures, limited editions, and the very best of contemporary character design and art. Another highlight of the Character Walk will be the premiere of the Pictoplasma Academy group show, introducing fresh, upcoming and surprising work by the forty international talents that have participated in Pictoplasma’s first annual master-class. "

So I´ve started to work on developing characters in different styles and techniques...